Monday, November 11, 2013

After almost four years, Taddong’s expedition comes to an end…

Much like the four historic and meritable expeditions that went into the Challenger Deep reached their destination, today we announce that Taddong's adventures will hit bottom next December 2013.

Almost four years ago we embarked on a journey that has allowed us to accomplish the challenges that we defined at the beginning. We left the surface and delved deep into different security aspects of a range of current complex information technologies, by developing research activities and offering our professional services.

We hope that we have been able to shed some light on the different areas of information security that we have worked on, by means of our direct collaboration, by sharing our findings and knowledge when participating in security conferences, and through the posts in our blog and the tools and articles we published in our lab.

As of 2014, Taddong members will be starting two new adventures, motivated by the quest for new and more advanced technical challenges and committed to continue their journey to find, who knows, new abysses or deeper places that the ones found to date. David and Jose will continue their activities from Layakk, whereas Monica and Raul will do it from DinoSec. If you want to stay informed about our activities, don't hesitate to follow us in our (personal and professional) webpages, blogs and twitter accounts: